Sunday, November 25, 2012

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Vintage Chanel
((( rainbow hair )))

Nasty Gal >- - ->
Limited-edition Holiday Collection!

Rainbow book - - - > by a New York-based artist 
Tauba Auerbach

RGB Colorspace Atlas is a collection of 8x8x8-inch casebound books that present viewers with the RGB (red, green, blue) color model. The model is defined by electronic systems such as computer and television screens, video cameras, and scanners, as well as digital photography, and the theory originates from basic human perceptions of color.

In this project, each book volume is covered in airbrushed cloth and consists of digital, offset printed pages. The collection is a tangible rainbow of colors in the color spectrum. As viewers flip through each volume, gradients of color are visible on the pages. Each book demonstrates a different RGB scheme where hues and shades blend together to form various vibrant color palettes. According to the Auerbach's website, the books were bound by book artist Daniel E. Kelm at his bindery, Wide Awake Garage, with assistance by Leah H. Purcell.
The Clouds Room at the Maison Moschino Hotel in the heart of Milano.

Maison Moschino Hotel


Street Art Clouds by Fhive on Pico Blvd

Moschino 1992


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