Wednesday, November 21, 2012

No music ~ No life

...Just a little bit
To wanna go too far
To wanna regret it
Just one hit,hit
You got me
To the untrained eye
We look about the same
Don't we You and I?
I'm so slick,slick
I leave you wantin' more
and more and more...

You and I
We are like
Cocaine and Ketamine

You can say we're like
Fire and ice
Mean and nice
Sugar and spice
But if you think you're right
We are like cocaine and ketamine


Feel the magic in your hearts,
Feel the MUSIC in your soul

Visuals from Burning Man Festival 

One more video of Art Department taken at
the Bohemian Yacht Club!!! 
Looks really nice, great party vibe!!!! Awesome tracks 

Wowww wow wowww 

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